The Mexican Cinderella
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Summary: This Cinderella story in Mexico is about a girl named Domitila. One day Domitila's mother got sick because of the rain and Domitila has to go work for the governor to raise money and buy food for her parents. Domitila worked as a chief for the governor. One day she was ordered to make a meal for the governor's son and his grandmother. The governor's son was Timoteo. Domitila served them nopales (edible cactus) and Timoteo yelled at her for serving him "weeds", but his grandmother yelled at him for complaining about the food. Timoteo tried the nopales and the weeds turned into a delicacy. One day Domitila was told that her mother was very ill and rushed home, but her mother had passed away. Domitila cried in her room until her mother's spirit visited her. Domitila wasn't aware that the leather strip from her sandal had fallen off. One of the chiefs brought Domitila's leather strip to Timoteo and he went off to find her. Timoteo found a woman named Malvina that said she could show him directions for where he could find Domitila. Malvina tricked Timoteo by giving him wrong directions. She thought that if she could show Timoteo what a great cook her daughter is he might marry her instead of Domitila. Malvina just needed enough time to think of a plan while Timoteo is going around in circles because of Malvina's wrong directions. Malvina and her lazy daughter brought food to Domitila's house while Domitila and her father were away. When they returned they were shocked of all the food on the table. Domitila's dad married Malvina. Malvina and her lazy daughter made Domitila work and do chores all day.Timoteo was still going to the wrong directions that Malvina gave him until he smell the nopales in the air, it was coming from a fiesta. Timoteo went to fiesta in search of people to help him find Domitila. A woman from the fiesta told Timoteo that Domitila was at her mother's grave. When Timoteo went to the grave yard he spotted a girl. He asked the girl where he could find Domitila, but when he looked at her sandal the leather strip she had matched his. The girl was Domitila! Domitila gave Timoteo some nopales and they got married. Domitila wore a silk shawl. They later had children and Domitila's father moved in. Timoteo became the governor in Mexico.

Main Features: The story was kind of upsetting when Domitila's mother died because she was very ill. The governor's son was shocking because when Domitila made nopales for Timoteo he yelled at her for serving him a cactus and Timoteo first liked her for her cooking not her beauty. It was romantic because Timoteo searched everywhere in Mexico for Domitila.

Uniqueness: The Cinderella from Mexico is unique because the story shows that she is talented at cooking. The story includes little things from their culture like the food (nopales), houses, the fiesta, and their language.

Mexican vs. Disney: There are many differences in the Cinderella stories from Mexico and Disney. In the Domitila Mexican cinderella story. Domitila's magical godmother was her mother's spirit, she wore her sandals with beautiful design son the leather strip, she did not wear a dress, but she wore a silk shawl, Domitila married the governor, and one of the food was nopales which is an edible cactus. The Cinderella story from Disney had a fairy godmother, Cinderella's shoes were glass slippers, she wore a blue gown to the royal ball, and she married the prince.