The Russian Cinderella

Rackham: Cinderella with her Fairy Godmother
Rackham: Cinderella with her Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful maiden in Russia. She lived with her evil stepmother and annoying stepsisters. There has been a rumor going around that
**Marco Polo** was going to stop by Russia and find a wife to take to Italy. Everyone was very excited and couldnt wait to go to the ball. The two stepsisters and Cinderella's step mother have already ordered dresses of the finest silk but they didnt order one for Cinderella. Cinderella's stepmother told her "If you can clean the entire house and the seeds that your stepsisters dropped in the ashes we might have time to order your dress. So Cinderella hurried and started cleaning up all the messes in the house. She was done with all the chores all she needed was the seeds in the ashes. Cinderella new she could not finsih in time so she started bursting into tears. Birds outside heard her and came in from the window and suddenely they started eating all the seeds and a fairy godmother appearedl and asked "Why are you crying Cinderella, You should got to the ball. Now Fetch me a pumkin, a large one my dear. Also bring in 6 mice."The fairy gave Cinderella a beautiful dress and a pair of glass slipers. "Remember be back at 12:00 or else the magic will dissapear." When She arrived at the ball **Marco Polo** had love at first site.They danced all night long and Cinderella had forgotten all about the 12:00 rule. When the bell rang she rushed out and lost her slipper. Marco Polo followed and found her slipper. He demanded that who ever that slipper will fit will be his wife. He finally found Cinderella and they lived happily ever after.

The difference between this version of Cinderella and the about 345 other versions of Cinderella stories is that the Russian Cinderella story instead of the Prince there is the famous Italian explorer that has been heard of all over the world especially in China who was represented by himself, Marco Polo.

Russian Vs. Disney
The Russian version of the popular story of Cinderella involves some history in it. For example instead of the prince you have Marco Polo. It is very rare how they got the idea of having Marco Polo in the story. He was very popular at that time maybe. Now the Disney Cinderella there is a prince. The Cinderella story is not just one theres more that continue on. Like a series. Later on into third movie there is way more magic. Another little detail, the Russian Cinderella has not been in A movie.