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Summary: One day the prince announced a proclomation that he was holding a party and that he was looking for a bride.But if Ewaha wanted to come then she would have to collect all the seeds from a bucket out from the ashes under the cinder.Then these magic birds pecked the seeds out as easy as pie. so then she was able to go to the ball . at the ball the most formal wear was a Kimono made of the finest cloth, and slippers made of straw. At the ball there were acrobats, flute players and drum players too and tightrope walkers. At the ball the main cuisine was seafood which you could tell that the story was located on the continent of Asia.At the ball the prince could already tell that Ewaha was his soon to be wife. So all night they danced and listened to the swift music that played. Till the clock hit 12:00 she ran like there was no tomorrow. But she had left one straw sandal. he had vowed that he would find that maiden who fit the sandal would become his new bride. Later that day he came to Ewaha's village and tested the shoe on Ewahas sister yet her foot was to big to fit into the small slipper. She was starting to cry because she was trying to curl her toes and it started to blister her foot. Then the prince asked if there was any other young ladys in the house who wanted to try on She said just the servant. Yet he wanted every one to try on the shoe so he said" Bring her to me so she,also may try on the sandal." She came out of the closet, were her Step mother and Sister were trying to hide her, and said" I doubt that slipper fitting on me." But the prince payed no attention and pulled her over and slipped the sandal on with ease. he was overwhelmed he said " We must get married emediatley!" The very next day they got married Ewaha wore slippers and the prine bought a new kimono for Ewaha. The shoes and the Kimono were made of the finest silk. The Step mother and sister tried fending for themselves but could not without Ewaha. The house was like a pigsty without her so they left the house and became beggers at the nearest village.
Uniqiness: I thought one of the unique parts was that instead of a beautiful gown she had a silk kimono. I thought that was unique because it expressed the culture of korea. Plus based on the cuisine ,seafood , I could probably guess that the story was Asian.
Main Features: I could tell that Cinderella was not a rule breaker, and that she was a very polite person and she often never stood up for her self , she took critisism from her stepsister's and stepmother. I am inferring that Ewaha (cinderella) probably felt free and care free when she danced and the swift music played because they danced and she was happy for the first time in months.
  • Ewaha (Cinderella)
  • Emperor
  • Step mother
  • Step Sister
  • King
  • Mother of Ewaha(dead)