‚ÄčItalian Cinderella:

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y: There once was a man with an evil wife who had two evil daughters and 1 daughter whom was not the evil stepmother's it was the mans wife who had died before he had gotten married again. The daughter's name was Cinderella. She was very sweet and kind but her sister's and step mother treated her badly because everyone loved and adored her and she was her father's favorite. One day the father ask's his children what do my sweet daughter's want and Cinderella asked for a bird. The father bring's back the bird and his other daughter's gift's.The bird becomes Cinderella's best friend and the bird see's how Cinderella is sacrificing then Cinderella finds out the bird is magical. There is a ball coming up and cinderella want's to go to it but the sisters said she can't. Later on the father leaves with Cinderella's sisters to the ball.Cinderella was disappointed that she couldn't go. But then Cinderella's bird turns her into the most beautiful girl anyone has seen with her sea green embroldered with all the dish of the sea mingled with diamonds dress. Before Cinderella left the bird told her to be back before midnight then she left. When Cinderella was at the ball she meets a Prince who she fell in love with and so did the Prince. They spent all night together dancing and having fun with each other. Nobody knew that the most beautiful girl at the ball was actually Cinderella.When it struck 11:00 pm Cinderella was in a rush to get home before midnight but the Prince didn't want her to leave she let go of the Prince and ran. While she was running her glass slipper came off but she left it there and the Prince picked it up and watched as she ran farther and farther away from him, slipping away through his own hands. When she got home the bird turned her back into rags and it was perfect timing because that was when her family got home. After a couple of days the prince searched and searched for Cinderella until he got to the evil mothers house. The evil step mother lied about only having two daughters so she never mentioned Cinderella but the father told the truth and told Cinderella to come down. Before Cinderella went down she told the bird to make her beautiful again and she was wearing the same beautiful dress like as she wore to the ball. Her sisters and family were shocked they never knew that was cinderella. The prince tried the shoe on Cinderella and it fit her. The Prince was so happy that he had found her. The sisters were so jealous that they just walked away. Later on the Prince proposed and they happily got married with the bird by Cinderella's side.

Italian Cinderella was originally written by: Thomas Frederick Crane

Main feature
: Caring, thoughtful, honest and responsible.
Uniqueness: The uniqueness of the Italian Cinderella is the bird, words, characters, setting and items.
Italian vs disney: The differences are:
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Culture and place
  • Food
  • Clothing (dresses)
  • Bird in italian no bird in disney
  • Bird took place of godmother in disney
  • Bird was cinderellas best friend not in disney
  • People
  • Sayings and sentences
  • 2 balls
  • A lot of parts with servants in Italian not in Disney
  • Prince and King
  • Ball
  • Cinderella gets to go to the ball
  • CInderella treated badly
  • Step sisters and step mother are mean and bad
  • Glass slippers
  • CInderella is kind and caring
  • Cinderella most beautiful at the ball
  • Magic in story
  • Cinderella loses 1 of her slippers
  • Prince looks for cinderella
  • Cinderella and Prince gets marrried
  • Cinderella has a happy ending

  1. Cinderella
  2. Prince
  3. King
  4. Step sister 1
  5. Step sister 2
  6. Step mother
  7. Father
  8. Bird
  9. Servants

http://books.google.com/books?id=8kFdaz7OVT8C&pg=PR1#v=onepage&q&f=false If you want to read the whole story of the Italian Cinderella please click on this link.

Italian Cinderella
French Cinderella
  • Cinderella has a pet bird
  • Dress is Different (Italian Dress)
  • Italian words (ex: Verdelio)
  • Food and objects are from Italy
  • Servants find Cinderella
  • Cinderellas best friend is the bird
  • Wore sea green dress covered with diamonds.
  • Step sisters
  • Evil step mother
  • Good Father
  • Have Prince and King
  • Have Godmother's
  • Cinderella is treated badly
  • Sisters envy Cinderella
  • Cinderella is good and kind
  • Glass slipper
  • Balls
  • Cinderella gets married
  • Mother is dead
  • There is magic
  • French dress
  • French words (ex: Mademoiselle de la Poise)
  • Cinderella has different names good and bad
  • Food and objects are from France
  • Cinderella has NO pet
  • Gentleman finds Cinderella
  • Wore Red Velvet
  • One rude sister and one nice sister
  • Has a nickname for cinderella

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This is a picture of Cinderella and her fairy godmother!