​​The French Cinderella

Summary: There was a gentleman who married a second wife.She was the proudest and haughty women that was ever seen.The wife had a former husband with 2 young daughters.Her daughters was everything like her.The man also had a wife with a young girl. The man's daughters were their maid and she had to sleep in the kitchen on a wretched straw bed.The girl was bore it all with patienly and dared not to tell her father. after she is done with work she would go to the chimney and sit down in cinder and ashes.So now her name is cinderwench for what she did.The younger sister was not rude and uncivil so she called her cinderella.Cinderella was a hundred times more beautiful although they were dressed rich.The king's son gave ball and invited people that are all fashion.Cinderella had to iron her sisters clothes and linen and pleated their ruffles.Her sisters talked all day of how they should get dressed.Cinderella wore a red velvet suit with a french trimming.Cinderella said that she is going to let the younger wear her usual petticoat.They sent the best hairdresser to do their hair from Mademoiselle da le poche. Her sisters consulted cinderella in this matter therefore she had excellent ideas and her advice was good.She even offered her sevices to fix their hair which they willingly accepted.While she was doing that they said "Cinderella,would you not like to go to the ball?" Cinderella said "alas" then said"you jeer me;it is not far such as i am to go to such a place." Cinderella dressed her hair awry and she made them good and perfectly well.Her sisters were so excited that hadnt eaten anything for over 2 days.As the step sisters
and the mother went to the court Cinderewench watched untill they were out of sight.A Godmother saw her tears and asked her whats the matter.She couldnt speak she only mumbled.Then the God-mother said "You wish that you could go to the ball".Cinderella said "Yes".As the God-mother waved her wand cinderella went to get the finest things.The God-mother poofed her wand and made a ride for cinderwench.After that her God-mother touched her wand and gave cinderella a glass slipper with fine clothing.She promised her God-mother to be home by 12 sharp.Once she was there everyone was looking with blushing eyes the king saw her himself.Prince charming led the lovely girl to an honorable seat.Cinderella went and sat with her sisters and showed them her jewels.As she was amusing her sisters she heard the clock strike 12 and she had to go in a rush.As she arrived her she went to seek for her God-mother to say thanks.She was eagerly tell her God-mother everything.The next day the sisters were at the ball wtih Cinderella but dressed more magnificently.Once the clock stricked 12 again she jumped and ran but the prince followed.She left behing her glass slipper.The next day she bent down and wore the glass slipper it fitted her and was taken by the prince. THE END!
Moral:Beauty in a women is a rare treasure that is always admired.
main features:nice,helpful,shy,polite,patience,respectful,self-control,
Uniqueness:Name,Clothing,Characteristics,Store name and French words.
French vs. Disney: The differences are

Extra Info: Literature can change by the special objects of the countries surroundings.
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