I think that Cinderella stories mainly change based on culture and geography. For example the Muslim Cinderella it’s not the shoe but a scarf. That is basically the Muslim culture. Now some Cinderella stories, she is a farm girl or has to go plant rice and wheat, which gets affected by the geography. The plants get planted in the mountains and where do you find mountains; China, Russia, etc. Those are two examples on how Cinderella stories all over the world get affected by culture and geography.

I think they changed based on the most popular because the most popular now is the Disney and that is because they have a movie of it. It is the cinderella for some cultures such as Vietnam because, Vietnam doesn't have their own cinderella story so they use the Disney one AKA the most popular. Other cultures use the most popular to such as the Philppines and the Mayan. Other cultures include parts of their cultures like Chinese, Italian, French, Korean, American Indians, Mexican and Russian. The ones that I've named is just a couple of the hundreds of Cinderella's out there. There are a lot of different types of Cinderella's even though you might not have heard of them like I haven't before I started this project.

I think that the Cinderella stories mostly changed based on the country that was telling it because each country has special things, objects, words and sayings that is their's. For example the dress of Cinderella has to do with the country like if the story was the Italian Cinderella the dress would be Italian. Every country has their own Cinderella and they are all different. Each country makes their own Cinderella but they all make it their own version based on the main things of their country like their clothing, objects, food etc... So what i think is the Cinderella stories mostly change because of the country telling it. By: converse6321

There are many Cinderellas from different cultures that are unique in there own way. The first Cinderella was from China and was discovered by many other countries and they decide to create there own Cinderella for there culture. I think that Cinderella stories change based on their culture like the dress they wear and their language.Each Cinderella from different cultures have some things that are different from others, for example the Mexican Cinderella had a special food from their culture called nopales (editable cactus) and were served in fiestas. Some Cinderella stories has some laguage in their culture, for example the Cinderella story from Mexico had the word Senora meaning a married woman. The names of the different Cinderella changes based on their culture too like Domitila (Mexican), Yeh-Shen (China), and Ewaha (Korean), those were just some of the few Cinderellas in the world. All Cinderellas are special because they come from their own culture. By: abercrombie102

The Cinderella story is different because i think that the writter uses the important thing surrounding its country.An example is if the writter in India would want to make a cinderella story he/she would probably make the elephants an important thing in the story.He/she would maybe make the elephants as the ride to the ball or even something eles.This is made by 21faap.

I thought the culture affected the story a lot because as before we said that verre means glass in french so someone misread that and thought oh verre means glass so glass slipers so thats how the glass slippers got added. Plus each culture affects the story in some way like frenchand the slipper, Egypy pharoh, Korea kimono, etc. That was the most popular way that the stories were changed. Plus each story had a little bit of their culture in the story. Such as, Germany Because their Cinderella story was violent some examples are doves pecking the stepsisters eyes out same with the mother but a real life example is WW1,WW2 . my final conclusion is Cinderella stories change based on cultures. By:AllStarJBTL2