Yeh-Shen AKA Cinderella

The Chinese Cinderella

Cinderella's name in the Chinese Cinderella is Yeh-Shen. Her step mother barely feeds her and yet she feeds her pet fish nearly half of her food every time she has free time. She feeds her fish as it grows bigger then a boat. After words her step mother finds out that she has been feeding this fish and has not told her about this fish. Her step mother makes Yeh-Shen work so much that she doesn't have time to feed her fish. As Yeh-Shen does her work her step mother dresses up as Yeh-Shen and goes to feed the fish poison’s the food. Then when Yeh-Shen has time to feed her fish she goes to feed her fish and finds out that her fish is dead. Then she cries on top of her fish bones because she is sad that her fish has died. Then immediately her fish bones become magical and it tells her that her mother is the one that killed him. Then her step mother gets an invitation for
all the girls of the house to go to a royal ball. Her step mother makes her stay at home and do a lot of chores and said that if she came she would be punished for the rest of her life. Yeh-Shen told her fish bones about it after she did all her chores. She still had time to go but she was afraid that her mother would recognize her and punish her like she said. The fish bones gave her a pair of golden slippers and an amazing red dress. Then she went to the ball like in every other Cinderella and then when she went there she met the prince after that there comes a twist her sisters are about to recognize her then she flees and leaves her golden slipper. If she loses a golden slipper then her dress turns into rags. Then the prince goes around the city and tries the slipper on every one of the girls but, none could fit the tiny shoe none but, Yeh-Shen. When the prince finally tries it on Yeh-Shen then step mother and step sisters say that it couldn’t have been her because she didn’t go. After words she reveals that is was her by shown the other golden slipper. The step mother was shocked that Yeh-Shen has disobeyed her orders and starts yelling insults at her and shaming her. Then Yeh-Shen and the prince lived happily ever after.

Chinese vs. Disney:

The difference of the Chinese Cinderella and the Disney Cinderella is the Chinese version includes part of the culture like red dress and golden slippers for good luck. Not only do they have different clothing and footwear but the name of Cinderella too because in this case it's not Cinderella its Yeh-Shen. Instead of a fairy god mother in the Chinese version it's a couple fish bones. The story is also different because the step sisters in the Chinese version all have big feet but, in the Disney one they have either small feet or big feet. Another difference is that when Yeh-Shen loses the slipper then she gown turns into rags in the Disney version when the clock strikes 12:00am then Cinderella’s gown and everything turns back to normal for example the carriage turned back into a pumpkin.

Main Feature:

The story is kind of evil because the step mother killed the pet fish just to because it meant a lot to Yeh-Shen. It is also happy because it has a happy ending like when the prince and Yeh-Shen live happily ever after. It is also very sad because when the fish died Yeh-Shen is very sad and when oone of the main characters are sad then it makes the story sound sad.


It's unique because, it includes part of culture and when people read it then they will learn part of Chinas culture for example they would know what the traditional dress looked like and whether or not they believe in luck sometimes because red and gold is good luck in Asia and the dress and slippers that belonged to Yeh-Shen were that color which kind of resembles that they believe in good luck. It's also unique because, the mom kills the fish and the fish bones are what makes the magic in this story. So if the mom didn't kill the fish then Yeh-Shen wouldn't have had any chance to meet the prince and it would be an entirely different story.

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