scarred face
beautiful face
glass slippers
ugly worn rags
beautiful victorian dress
invisible man
prince (visible)
A indian vs Disney

summary:In this version of cinderella a poor man had 3 Daughters .The 2 older ones were the meanest of them all for
they made the youngest sister (cinderella) feed the fire where then she got scarrs and burns from so the mean sisters called her "The Rough Faced Girl".One day the demanding sisters told the poor man to buy them beaded mocasins, dresses and jewlery so they could go marry the "Invisible Being" the poor man reluctently agreed.So the brooding sisters went.They showed off their cloths and jewlery while they passed town smiling with delight at how people gaped at them.They went to the giant wigwam where the Invisible Being lived.His sister ,a hard faced woman asked "Why are you here?"she asked coldly. The sisters replied with a attitude"To marry your brother of course".'ahhhhh" said the woman."Tell me have you seen my brother?" "y-y-yes" said one sister."Of course " said the other ."Alright then tell me what is his bow made of?" "H-h-his bow?Ummm, uhh " they whispered gueses to each others ear."Ahh his bow is made of the great oak tree"said one."Yes ,yes. "Ha.You have not seen my brother"the sister retorted ."Stop asking us silly questions and let us see him" one said."Alright".She took the sisters into the wigwam."Sit"she said.The sister obeyed.Soon they could hear foot steps followed by heavy breathing but the sisters could not see a thing."A lass you have not seen my brother!" So the sisters went back home ashamed to show their faces.Cinderella wanted to marry the Invisible Being for she saw his face every where.She asked her father if she could have cloths and jewlery,but the old man had no money to spare he had only shells and his cracked worn out mocasins.Cinderella thanked her father and made do with what she had.As she crossed town the people laughed at her ,but she didnt turn back she kept walking.She got to the sister right as the sun was setting."sister why have you come?" the woman said." I have come to marry your brother". "tell me what is his bow made out of?" "the great arch of the rainbow". "ohhhh ,come with me." The sister said delightedly.She took her to the wigwam to see her brother.Cinderella heard foot steps and there in front of her the Invisible Being was standing.The Invisble Being smiled and told her she was beautiful on the inside,but that he could use his magic to turn her beautiful on the outside.He told her to go bath in the pond and she did as she was toold.Soon all her scarrs were gone and she was beutiful on the outside as well.Then the Invisible Being took her hand in marriage and they lived happily ever after.

Main Features:Confidence and inner beauty